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DOJF (Disability Organization Joint Front) is a reputed None Government Organization in the country funded by USAID. DOJF request us to develop a Web Application called DRMS (Disability Rights Management System) to monitor and record Cases of disable people in the entire Country. The system will be operate as a cloud base web application where DOJF field officers in different locations can login and enter data with attached documents. Entered data will be processed by the system as cases and higher officials will be review these cases and make their approvals and suggestions.

Functional areas

  1. User Management Module : This includes key user category creation,  User category management, User Authentication

  2. Partner organization information Management : Partner organization creation according to the locations, Manage information and users of POM’s

  3. Disability categories and Case Management : Disability categories and case information creation with case user information, case user account management ,

  4. Case lifecycle Management :  Case Authentication and verification by different  management user levels, Case information and Documentation Management, Case information backup
  5. DRMS backup and security Management: Local DRMS server management, Case information backup and restore into the local server system.

Technology Used

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